Request a High Load Escort

How to request

A High Load Escort

If you are looking to move oversized equipment in our service area, Blue Mountain Power Co-op is here to help. An important first step is to determine the height of your equipment or load. Any load over 4.15 metres (13.6 feet) is considered over height and may need an escort.

First, let’s determine if you require a high load escort.

How do you know

If your load requires an escort?

  • Loads higher than 4.15 metres (13.6 feet) are considered over height. You’ll require a permit from Alberta Transportation.
  • Loads higher than 5.3 metres (17.4 feet) must contact the electric utilities along their route to determine if an escort is required.

Contact us, and we will guide you through the process. To execute the high load request, Blue Mountain Power Co-op requires that requests be made at least five business days prior to the planned travel date.

Steps to moving

An Oversized Load

Plan your route ahead of time and note the minimum clearance needed for all powerlines, bridges, and structures. Failure to observe these could result in severe injury or even fatality. You could even be held liable for any damages caused by non-compliance.

Alberta High Load Corridors Map

A travel permit from Alberta Infrastructure and Transportation is required. This permit can be obtained by visiting the Alberta Transportation website or by contacting Alberta Transportation at 1-800-662-7138.

Please fill out the High Load Request Form and give Blue Mountain a call at 310-POWR (7697). A member of our team will then advise you if the load you want to move may proceed unescorted or if you will require an escort.

High Load Request Form

Not sure if your oversized load requires an escort? We'll walk you through the process.

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