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Electric service installation

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Looking to set up power at a new location or expand an existing power service?

Let Blue Mountain Power Co-op guide you through the process of building and installing electric services to your property. First, check out our Service Area Map to determine if your home or business site falls within our service area.

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Electric Service Installation with Blue Mountain Power Co-op
Blue Mountain Power Co-op

What We Promise

Affordable Pricing

We are committed to fair and affordable pricing. As a non-profit, our prices are reflective of actual costs, therefore saving our members money.

Priority Service

We provide the personalized touch and honest, expert advice needed to streamline your project while helping you mitigate costs and avoid delays.

Dedicated Team

Our team is with you every step of the way. We work with you to understand your power service needs, budgetary requirements, and time constraints.
Let's get started

Six Phases to Building A New Power Service

Here are the steps required to construct your new electric service and energize your property.

To build a new electric service or expand an existing one, please fill out our Construction Quote Request Form below or contact our New Service Department today at 310-POWR (7697).

Construction Quote Request

Let’s get started! Please fill out our Construction Quote Request form so we may begin the process of providing you with a complimentary new power service quote.

We will contact you to schedule a site visit to review the initial plan, go over the current and future requirements of your new electric service, and further assess the site location. This information will be used to generate a detailed new power service quote.

Once you have accepted the new service quote, our team of planners and engineers will produce a detailed system design and estimated timeline to build and install your new electric service.

Our planners will obtain any of the external permits and approvals needed. We start this process as soon as you accept the new power service quote, which helps mitigate potential delays from third-party approvals.

Before your power is installed, the site must be prepped. This involves trenching, brushing and backfilling and is completed by Blue Mountain, an external contractor, or the member. Our crews will require permission to access your site.

We begin construction of your new power service. An electrical permit from your electrician will be required before installing the meter. Once construction is complete and your electrical permit is provided, Blue Mountain performs a detailed inspection and installs your meter. Finally, your power is turned on! Cheers and high-fives all around!
With you every step

What We Deliver

Assess your requirements

Expedite installation planning

Review expected load profile

Provide detailed cost estimates

Produce a construction plan

Manage the entire installation

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