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Our Vegetation Management Program

Did you know that trees are among the leading causes of power outages? 

At Blue Mountain Power Co-op, we care about delivering power safely and reliably. Trees growing too close to power lines can lead to power outages and safety risks. We adhere to the highest standards of safety and environmental stewardship and follow all guidelines set out by the Alberta Electrical Utility Code.


Vegetation management methods may include pruning, tree and brush removal, mulching, and herbicide application.


The most important preventative measure Blue Mountain can take to mitigate the risks of power outages is vegetation management.
What we can all do

To Manage Vegetation

How frequently does Blue Mountain conduct vegetation management?
Our vegetation management program operates on a four-year cycle. When we carry out vegetation management, we need to achieve enough clearance to maintain a safe growth distance for four years.
How will I know Blue Mountain is conducting vegetation management in my area?
We will notify you when vegetation management is required. If your site is identified, one of our team members will contact you directly to discuss vegetation management. We appreciate your patience as there is often close to a year between the time our team surveys your site and the crews arrive to complete the work. Please call our workers back if they leave you a voicemail or note on your door.
Can you tell me more about the methods Blue Mountain uses?
We use various vegetation management methods, including hazardous tree removal, tree pruning, brush removal, and herbicide application. We remove vegetation with a mulcher where possible. Then, we spray the foliage with herbicide, which gives the longest-lasting and most cost-effective form of control.
How does Blue Mountain ensure safety?
Blue Mountain takes the safety of our members and our workers seriously. Our tree trimmers and workers are highly trained. By law, at least one member on every work crew is a certified utility tree trimmer.
How can members request vegetation management?
Please get in touch with Blue Mountain Power Co-op at 310-POWR (7697) to request vegetation management.

Only Blue Mountain Power Co-op may conduct vegetation management around high voltage power lines and is done at no cost to you.

Members are responsible for vegetation management around any overhead secondary power lines, which are the lines that carry electricity from the pole and transformer to your home. Should you not want to do this yourself, Blue Mountain Power Co-op offers residential and commercial tree services. Our utility tree trimmers and workers provide dangerous tree removal, chipping, stump grinding, and track mulching for your acreage or commercial property. Members receive a discount on vegetation services.

What can Blue Mountain members do to help?

Members are responsible for vegetation management around their low voltage secondary power lines. These low voltage lines carry electricity from the transformer to your home through a series of overhead lines or an underground connection. Never attempt vegetation management around high voltage power lines. Only Blue Mountain Power Co-op approved utility tree trimmers should perform vegetation management around high voltage power lines. Members can also take preventative measures when landscaping or planting vegetation. As a member of Blue Mountain and a partner in safety, we encourage you to:

  • Keep up on vegetation management around your secondary lines.
  • Select trees and greenery that will not encroach on power lines as they mature.
  • Allow at least six metres of clearance from the drip line (the outer edge of the mature vegetation) to any energized lines or structures.
  • Call Blue Mountain immediately if you are concerned that trees or brush in your area may be too close to high-voltage power lines.
Not sure if the trees in your area might be too close to power lines or pose a safety risk?
We can help. Contact Blue Mountain Power Co-op today!
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