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Charge Explanation
Energy Charge
Distribution Charge
Transmission Charge
Administration Charge
Rate Rider
Vegetation Management Charge
Site ID:
AA 1-11-1-A1
Power Bill Table
Electricity charges - Jun 1 to Jun 28, 2021
RRO/stable energy and line loss charge @ 0.0XX
Distribution charge
Transmission charge
Administration charge
Total energy and distribution charges for the current billing period (before GST)
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The cost of billing and maintaining the necessary administrative functions.

These charges recover the cost of Blue Mountain Power Co-op operating and maintaining its electric distribution system. Blue Mountain Power Cp-op’s rates are among the lowest in Alberta.

During the transmission of electricity from the generator to the point of use, some energy is lost along the way. These losses are recovered through a percentage factor on the energy charge.

GST is the Goods and Services Tax that is added to the bill's total.

RRO is the Regulated Rate Option (RRO) and is the default energy rate option that fluctuates monthly with market prices. Also known as the floating rate, the RRO can rise, fall or stay the same from month to month.

A Stable Rate means that the member has entered into a Fixed Term Stable Rate Energy Contract with Blue Mountain Power.

During the transmission of electricity, some energy is 'lost' from the transmission system. The Alberta Electric System Operator (AESO) recovers the cost of transmission losses from generating facilities and power distributors like Blue Mountain Power Co-op through a percentage loss factor.

A Rate Rider is a special credit or charge on a member's bill. Rate Riders are approved by Blue Mountain Power Co-op's Board of Directors. Rate Riders are a mechanism used to recover operational costs not included in the approved rates

The Site ID is a unique number used to identify your site.

Associated with the cost of operating and maintaining the provincial transmission system, the Transmission Charge is a flow-through charge that we collect on behalf of other parties. Transmission rates are set by the Alberta Utilities Commission and administered by the Alberta Electric System Operator. The rate is subject to change.

This charge will appear on your bill if you have requested vegetation management services from Blue Mountain.

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