Disaster Relief Program

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Disaster Relief Program

Blue Mountain Power Co-op's Disaster Relief Program was established as a way to assist members experiencing extreme financial loss as a result of catastrophic events.

If you are experiencing extreme financial challenges, due to circumstances such as a home fire that make it difficult to pay your power bill, you may qualify for our relief program.

Apply for Disaster Relief
Fill out the application below and submit it via email to bmpc@bmpower.coop

Application Guidelines

Eligibility Requirements

The Applicant must be a member of Blue Mountain Power Co-op, be in good standing with the organization, and have incurred a significant financial loss.

Application Procedure

  • Download the application Disaster Relief Application
  • Submit the applications to: bmpc@bmpower.coop

Approval Procedure

  • Applications will be presented to our board at a regularly scheduled Board of Directors meeting
  • Approval will be made by Board motion and vote
  • If approved, assistance is generally granted in the range of one to three months’ equivalency of the member’s distribution tariffs
  • Applicants will be notified in writing of the Board’s decision

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