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You have the power to change. We can help.

Upgrade or downgrade power supply capacity to fit your current needs. Or change existing infrastructure by moving power lines, extending lines, or converting overhead to underground lines.

Flexible options to meet your needs

Upgrades and Downgrades

Sometimes things change. At Blue Mountain Power Co-op, members can always upgrade or downgrade services size as required.

Call Blue Mountain Power Co-op at 310-POWR (7697) for all questions about altering your power service. 

Please note, there may be fees associated with changing your power services, and distribution rates may change.

Electric Service Installation with Blue Mountain Power Co-op
With you every step

What We Deliver

Assess your requirements

Expedite installation planning

Review expected load profile

Provide detailed cost estimates

Produce a construction plan

Manage the entire installation

Moving power lines

Change Existing Infrastructure

As the use of your property evolves, you may want to move or extend your power lines or convert overhead lines to underground. While all projects are unique, we follow this general process when changing existing infrastructure.

Please fill out our Construction Quote Request form so we may start the process of providing you with a quote.

We will contact you to schedule a site visit to review the initial plan to move or change the power lines on your property, go over your current service needs, and further assess the site location. This information will be used to generate a detailed quote.

Once you have accepted the quote, our team of planners and engineers will produce a construction plan and estimated timeline needed to modify your existing infrastructure.

Our planners will obtain any of the external permits and approvals needed. We start this process as soon as you accept the quote, which helps mitigate potential delays from third-party approvals.

The site must be prepped before we can move, change, or extend your existing power line. This may involve trenching, brushing and backfilling and is completed by Blue Mountain or an external contractor. Our crews will require permission to access your site.

Finally, we begin construction to modify your existing power services. Once construction is complete, we perform a detailed inspection.

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