Line Crossing Request

Line Crossing Request
Blue Mountain Power Co-op’s

Crossing or Proximity Request

Construction or work around lines owned and operated by Blue Mountain Power Co-op must not commence until a crossing agreement is fully executed. Blue Mountain requires a Proximity or Crossing Request form for any facilities that will be installed directly under or in proximity to our overhead or underground power lines.

Line Crossing Request


If you are conducting business that requires you to cross or work near Blue Mountain Power Co-op’s lines? Follow these three steps to process a crossing request. Fill out our Crossing or Proximity Request form and email it to, and we'll start the process.

Crossing or Proximity Request

To evaluate a crossing request, we will also need additional information. If possible, please provide answers to these questions via email when you send the request form.

  • Can you confirm maximum vehicle height accessing this site: Which of these applies?
    • Maximum vehicle height will not exceed 4.15 metres
    • Maximum vehicle height will not exceed 5.3 metres
    • Maximum vehicle height be greater than 5.3 metres
  • How much will the grade under the power lines be built up?
  • Is the site staked?

To process your crossing or proximity request, we charge a line clearance fee. This fee covers the cost of sending a powerline technician to check your site. The line clearance fee for 2021 is $255.00 + $12.75 (GST) for a total of $267.75.

Please send your cheque to:

Blue Mountain Power Coop
4920 – 43 Street, PO Box 1538
Rocky Mountain House, Alberta
T4T 1B2 Canada

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