Rural Residential

Planning to subdivide a parcel of land? Develop residential lots? Simply looking to enjoy the country life on an acreage?

Blue Mountain Power Co-op is your rural power expert.

As a rural based, rural focused power distributor, we will work with you to assess load requirements, expedite installation planning and facilitate construction.

Blue Mountain Power Co-op also offers a competitive Capital Assistance Program, designed mitigate initial costs.

To energize a new service, we require notice from our member as well as a copy of the electrical permit.

Rural Farm, Commercial, Industrial

When developing in a rural area serviced by Blue Mountain Power Co-op, you can take advantage of membership in one of the largest member-owned utility companies in Canada.

Blue Mountain Power Co-op staff will work with you to:

  • realistically assess your requirements
  • review the anticipated load profile
  • provide cost estimates
  • produce an engineering plan
  • provide or facilitate construction and installation from start to finish

Be sure to check out our Capital Assistance Program.

Service Changes

Blue Mountain Power Co-op members can upgrade or downgrade their service size as required.

Please note that there is a cost to perform these changes and that distribution rates are based on breaker sizes.

For all questions regarding upgrades or downgrades of services, please call our office at 310-POWR (7697).


New Service Request

Download the New Service Request form

New Service Request

New Service Request

Capital Assistance Program

Are you a developer of a new business? Relocating to rural Alberta from a large urban area?

Our Capital Assistance Program provides you with options that can help you reduce your initial investment and benefit from the advantages of belonging to a member-owned utility company.

Ask our estimators to discuss how your development can benefit from the program