Why is the Transmission Charge on my bill so high?

Transmission charges are associated with the cost of operating and maintaining the Alberta transmission system and cover the cost of moving electricity over high-voltage transmission lines to substations. The transmission charge on your power bill is a flow-through charge, meaning that Blue Mountain Power Co-op collects the payment on behalf of other parties.  

Within the province, transmission rates are set by the Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) and administered by the Alberta Electric System Operator (AESO). Distribution companies collect transmission charges by passing the costs on to retailers. Retailers, in turn, pass these transmission charges on to their customers or members.  

The transmission charge on your power bill is based on your consumption. It typically constitutes somewhere between 14% and 24% of your total bill. While Alberta has steadily increased transmission charges since 2004 to account for infrastructure expansion, you’re able to reduce your transmission charge by reducing your consumption. Visit our Energy Savings page to discover everyday tips to help lower your power bill. 

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