Nothing has changed. Why is my consumption so high?

There are several factors that may influence the fluctuations on your power bill, including:

  • Weather: Fluctuations in weather conditions can put significant demands on our homes’ heating and cooling systems. Hours of sunlight a day, temperatures, wind, and humidity can all affect how much power your home requires.
  • Electrical Appliances and Devices: Have you recently purchased or upgraded any of your appliances? The number and type of appliances in your home can impact the amount of power you use. Knowing what to look for when purchasing appliances and how to use them efficiently can save you money in the long run.
  • Living Habits: Small changes in living habits such as working from home, decorating for holidays, renovating or having house guests could be affecting your power bill. There are many ways you could also save on your power consumption.
  • Your Home’s Characteristics: Depending on the age of your home, you may be losing more power to fluctuations in weather than you should be. Visit our Energy Savings page for tips on how to save on your energy consumption.
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