Power Outages

Unplanned power outages

Please check the breaker on your pole prior to calling in.

Many outages are caused by a tripped breaker at the pole.

To report an outage in the Blue Mountain Power Co-op service area, please contact us at 310-POWR (7697). Be sure to have your land location and/or account number ready.

Planned power outages

Blue Mountain Power Co-op will notify members 24 - 72 hours in advance of a planned power outage.

Line Patrol

Blue Mountain Power Co-op has a strong, safe and economical pole maintenance program. It's included in our strategic planning, and plays a huge part in the capital investment of your distribution system.

We patrol lines in our service areas every year.

This ensures that maintenance and repairs are carried out in a timely and effective manner, and helps reduce unplanned power outages.

Questions, Concerns?

Please don't hesitate to contact your Blue Mountain Power Co-op:

Telephone 310-POWR (7697)

Pole Testing

The program identifies wood poles that have reduced strength for a number of possible reasons, including decay, insects/rodents, and storm damage.

Each year on a seven year rotation, we test the poles in a planned area to identify those that are no longer dependable. Identified poles are typically changed the following year unless they are a hazard and must be changed immediately.

Pole Replacement

We make every effort to notify members of any power outages that may be occurring during the pole replacement process.

If crews require access to your property, they will contact you directly. Remember, annual pole replacements help to reduce power outages.