Tim Layton

Tim Layton

Tim Layton


Tim Layton has been a member of Blue Mountain Power Co-op's Board of Directors since 2016.

Here are highlights from Tim's volunteer and educational history:

  • Has the strong ability to perceive and process information to engineer realistic, common sense solutions
  • Has previous experience on the Blue Mountain Power Co-op Board as a Director
  • Upon leaving high school at Eckville, Tim attended Olds College, taking a two year Agricultural Mechanics course
  • Took part in building our iconic grain elevators in the 1970s and '80s

Was born, raised and still resides southwest of Rimbey. He recently retired after 30 years of Battery Operating in the Oilfield. As a retiree, Tim is very pleased to be full-time farming and serving as a Director on our Board.

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